Warranty Information


1. Warranty Coverage 


2. Duration and Terms 

LOTRONIC SA products are guaranteed for 2 years (except lamps, batteries, leads, sprays and all consumables) from the date of sale to the end consumer. The warranty does not apply to defects dues to mishandling, wrong installation, changes and/or damages due to one or more external causes.The warranty does only apply to products for domestic use. Any professional use by a physical or legal person reduces the warranty period to 6 months.Batteries are only guaranteed for 6 months.

The warranty covers all defaults except the following :

It does not cover defects due to impacts, shocks, falls, liquids getting in contact with electrical parts, wrong installation or misuse, use not in accordance with the instruction manual, damages due to transport and shipment conditions, use of accessories and/or spares not distributed by LOTRONIC SA, bad maintenance and foreign objects inside the housing.  The warranty does not cover the replacement of wear parts or consumables.Finally, the warranty is not applicable if the defect or the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect or a design fault. The warranty does not apply if the unit has been disassembled, even partially. LOTRONIC SA cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages due to the disrespect of conditions of use such as described in the manual, and more specifically recommendations of use, installation and maintenance of the unit. LOTRONIC SA cannot be held responsible for all direct or indirect damages due to an external cause such as voltage surges due to a thunderstorm or works on the electricity network. 

3. « After-sales-service» under warranty :

3.1: DOA (dead-on-arrival) ; 3.2 : Low value products ; 3.3 : Repairable products :  

All requests for repair must be sent by mail to SAV@lotronic.net. Further to this request, a blank form and an RMA number (authorized return of goods) will be sent.   It is also possible to send a request via our website www.lotronic.net where the RMA form can be downloaded directly.

Following information will be required to fill in the RMA form:

  • Customer’s name, number and contact mail address

  • Brand and reference of the product,

  • Serial number of the product,

  • Date of purchase or of sale to the end consumer,

  • Cash ticket number,

  • Description of the defect

Lotronic will process the requests within 48 hours. Once the request has been approved, the faulty item(s) will be collected. Without a completed RMA form with a valid RMA number, no collection of goods will be possible.

The product must be packed in an appropriate carton with sufficient protection. A copy of the RMA form must be added to the parcel or the pallet.

Please note :

If, upon receipt of a DOA, low value or repairable product, the technical department finds that the request is abusive and does not fulfill the conditions of warranty, or if the received product is not a product sold by LOTRONIC, no repair will be made nor any credit note will be raised.

In these cases, the customer will be notified. The cost of collection will be invoiced and the product will remain at the disposal of the customer for a period of 30 days in the technical department of Lotronic.

After this period, it will be destroyed. 

3.1 : DOA (Dead-on-arrival) 

A product might be faulty when it is unpacked.  In this case, Lotronic offers a service called « DOA ».


  1. The product doesn’t work,

  2. The product has not been exposed under working conditions in the shop for more than 2 weeks,

  3. The defect has appeared immediately after unpacking within a period of 2 weeks maximum after the date of sale to the end consumer (attested by the date on the purchase voucher of the end consumer)

  4. The product must be new without any sign of wear or damage.

  5. The product must be complete (accessories, especially microphone, leads, manuals, charger, remote control, etc…) and presented in its original packaging.

Procedure : To benefit from the « DOA » service, a request must be sent to the after-sales-service of LOTRONIC. “DOA” must be clearly indicated on the RMA form of return. If the conditions of « DOA » are fulfilled, a credit note will be raised based on the buying price. If one of these conditions has not been fulfilled, the cost for collection will be invoiced and the product will remain at the disposal of the customer during 30 days in the technical department of Lotronic. After this period the product will be destroyed.

3.2 : Low Value 

A low value product is a product whose value is below 140 euros w/o VAT (dealer 1 price list). Special prices granted to specific customers do not enter into consideration. Only the price list TD1 (dealer price list 1) is applicable to determine a low value product. Lotronic will bear the cost of a faulty low value product without return of the goods given the cost of return and transport compared to the value of the product. Lotronic reserves the right to ask the customer to return the product in order to avoid abuse. In this case, after a check of the product and within 72 hours, a credit note will be raised after validation. The retailer has to give a new product to his customer from his stock. If our customer doesn’t have this product in stock, he has to order a new one from Lotronic. 

3.3 : Produit réparable

A repairable product is a product under warranty that the customer bought for more than 140 euros w/o VAT according to TD1 and that is not dead on arrival. The product must be sent to the after-sales service of Lotronic to the address shown on the RMA form. The cost related to the shipment and the return of the product will be borne by Lotronic. After reception and check of the product by the technical department, the product will be repaired and sent back within 3 weeks after reception of the product. Every repaired product will be accompanied by a repair voucher with information on the operation carried out on the product. If the product turns out to be unrepairable or if the required spare for the repair is not available within 3 weeks, Lotronic will make a standard exchange of the product or raise a credit note.

4. After-Sales Service outside the warranty conditions 

Once the warranty period has expired, the After-Sales service of Lotronic offers you to send back the goods “out of warranty” under following conditions:

  • The in- and outgoing transport costs are at the cost of the customer.

  • The repairs will be carried out by the after-sales service of Lotronic. The return procedure is the same as for products under warranty (see Art.3)

  • Upon receipt of the product, the After-Sales department will send a quotation of the cost of repair to the e-mail address indicated on the RMA form.

  • Once the After-Sales department has received the written acceptation of the quotation by the customer, the product will be repaired and sent back within a period of 30 working days together with the invoice.

  • In case of refusal of the quotation, a lump sum of 30 euros will be charged and the product remains at disposal for 30 days in the After-Sales department of Lotronic. After this period, the product will be destroyed. 

5. Faulty/missing Accessories 

If an accessory is missing when the product is unpacked, a request must be sent to sav@lotronic.netOnce the request has been processed, the missing accessory will be sent within 2 working days to the shop. No credit note will be granted for a missing accessory.  


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